Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Afternoon of Wildcrafting

Yesterday I went wildcrafting in one of my favourite spots, spending a couple of hours harvesting to replenish some of my herb supplies. It was a lovely day and I had equally lovely company with me too.

I like to wildcraft with others so I can have an extra set of eyes and ears, but I only go with those I completely trust to keep my spots a secret, so they are not over harvested {I talk a bit about this in my Wildcrafting Etiquette post}. This particular area is especially important to me because this is where I get a good portion of my rowan berries and sweetfern.

Before I got to harvesting I made my way to the spot where I make my offerings to the spirits of the area. After that we also spent some time just enjoying the beauty of the place. Below are some photos of our day.

The offerings.
One of the lovely rowans.
A place that I call Hagstone Rock.
All sorts of pretties, including golden rod.
Even though we came across all sorts of fungi, I didn't harvest any. That will be for the next trip.
Lots of signs of bears down this pathway.
Himalayan balsam {thanks Cathy for letting me know what they are!}
Harvest specimens: yarrow, milkweed pods, rowan berries, tansy, golden rod, staghorn sumac berries, and sweetfern.




  1. Beautiful :) I think that unknown flower could be Himalayan Balsam.

  2. Hi Cathy :) I just did a search and it would seem that you are correct. The mystery is solved thanks to you!